How to Draw Darwin

To complete gumballs craziness, he needs his fish-monkey sidekick thing, Darwin. Lol. 
Begin drawing out the body structure and limbs as always.


Sketch in eyes and curve his legs.


Sketch in his mouth with a tongue and draw eyebrows and eyelashes around his eyes. To make him fishier, give him a fin.


Draw a third line down the middle of the two curved lines and give him detail to his shoes. And give him monkey hands.


Woooo yet another finished. I’ll be back to complete a tutorial on chowder.



One Response to How to Draw Darwin

  1. Here is another drawing finished and last night I started drawing on a shirt and it came out excellent. I’m washing it to get rid of small marks. Also I am getting a new puppy and slot of people want him so we have to get there right when the pound opens up. But if we get him I’ll show you a picture and put it on my site.

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