How to draw Gumball the cat

Hello!!! Im going to teach you how to draw the cat from the amazing world of gumball, gumball!! Lol. 
First draw out the body and head with facial lines.


Begin drawing his oddly shaped head and his lower body part.


Draw his eyes in and his neck collar in to his shirt and draw sticks below him.


Next draw the mouth, nose, and eyebrows to liven him up.


To make him look like a cartoon cat we need whiskers and ears plus a fluffy tail!!! :D!! And finish drawing his legs outwards.


Draw out his arms and add detail to him in the collar and around the arms and pants.


Woooo another drawing accomplished!!! Join me next time on how to draw Darwin and chowder!! Sayonara!! 

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  1. candice wendy summers mcneill pl51eq 1 landrake close barn barten says:

    who drown this cause it is batter then me not i am the best in the hole of primary school and the hole of year 7 who love little mix there good my mum and dad is letting me and my freinds have a sleepover and the little mix is comming to see my freind because it is her 13th brithday i can,t wait. plz hurry up sarturday whoo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:)

  2. Thank you and I hope that will get this website bustling with people!! I am going to experiment drawing pictures of shirts and I’ll see if it comes out right!! Anyways good luck with your site

  3. admin in training! says:

    Well done and thanks for continuing to post on this site.. So far not lots of people here and I am busy spending my spare time trying to get it looking right.. Your posts are now under the category ‘Your Art’ which is a menu item at the top of the page. So far you are the founding and only member, but I hope to get more people on here soon. I made the website about 5 years ago and that gets about 1000 hits a day. I will link from that when I get the site looking right. In the meantime feel free to keep posting! You are a great example of someone getting stuff done, and doing it well.. Keep sharing and thanks for all your efforts!

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