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Many people say they are rubbish at art, but the secret is to play with it, enjoy it and notice that you are getting better at it

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6 Responses to Share Your Art Work

  1. Rachel Laufer says:

    This wonderful picture of a yellow square in the middle between the lines is beautiful, isn’t it? I made this picture using the 4.0.3. program. What do you think is in the middle of the picture? A light perhaps? Maybe a glowing lamp? Could be the sun!

  2. Erin says:

    glittery me

  3. Lilly - Age 7 says:

    Pasta skeleton on black paper.

  4. Andy - Age 10 says:

    Orca – Made from plasticine. It is much smaller than it looks! About 3cm. It is mounted on a tooth pick!

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