Your Free Style Poetry

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    • One day wonder
      One day i wonder what will i do to make the world a better place for me and you.
      One day i wonder why the grass so green and the sky so blue is it just me or you thought the same thing to.
      One day i wonder how deep the ocean can go.
      but some things you try to figure out you will never know
      One day i wonder will all my dreams come true i guess we will never figure out without me and you wondering to.

      ~JADA M. TAYLOR ~

    • The Moon

      The moon is big
      a silver light
      it helps me see
      outside at night

      Adi - age 6

Your Freestyle Poetry

Make a poem or post one you have written at home or school. Remember to put your age and name and perhaps use a spell checker or have an adult help you to make sure it looks good to publish.
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